I view art as a tool to understand the world around us. The sciences and humanities each look at the world through their own lens but don’t offer a way to synthesize a broader view of this existence. I believe art can be thought of as the master of all science. I use art to study and explore relationships between multiple fields of study. For an artist, I have quite a considerable science background. I’ve made micro chips that regulate the electrical conductance of muscles, used lasers to measure bond lengths between individual atoms, and listened for weeks to the sound of a monkey’s neuron. My art is a part of my quest for knowledge.

From atoms to entire galaxies there is an inherent sense of visual familiarity in both the description of root elements and the processes by which these root elements combine and change over time. Information appears to organize itself in a predictive rhythmical manner. There is an oscillatory quality to the transformation and growth of structure over time. The probabilistic yet predictive aspects to these algorithms underlie all types of natural formative processes.

The consistency of form implies that there is a strong sense of purpose and directionality in nature. However, for as long as there is uncertainty about whether or not the code actually represents information of an external source environment or if it is just a reflection of the system through which it is being observed by, then no specific meaning can be retracted from the pursuit of this study.

Discovery begins where the predictable patterns break down. Only a creator can play at the boundary of chaos and order. The extraordinary complexity and interactions of systems yields the appearance of chaos within consensus reality, but is this true randomness or is it simply an ignorance to the full set of facts. In all of the known universe, the human mind seems to be the most accurate portrayal of what could be deemed a chaos generator.

By pushing my collection of universal root elements through the “chaos generator” that is my mind I can choose to follow universal codes for pattern formation or to break the pattern. Within this choice, new worlds are born. Yet even within this attempted state of pushing complexity to the limits of meaning, there is still the reinstatement of a quality of sameness and a calling for me to reach even closer to the chasing of chaos. For if there is no absolute chaos, therein lies a great threat to the will. Even if all information could be known, I refuse to believe that the “I” is just another quantity. Wisdom states harmony between the seeking of order and the respect for the magic of chaos.

I believe the ultimate painting goal is to cultivate unrepeatable work, which evolves on a moment-to-moment basis, yet still embodies a single message. Sometimes my messages are deep and philosophical, made up of sacred truths. Other times these messages are in the form of question or even a joke. I use art as an opportunity to acknowledge our limitations of reason and to rethink our current understanding of reality. My art is inspired by the colors and shapes found in nature, the philosophy of a collective consciousness, and the theories of reality that unite science and soul. To be certain is not to know. The goal of my art is to make you smile and smirk. I invite you to slow down and think. Take a moment to wonder why. Remember how tiny we are compared to the stars, and yet how big can be a single heart. Feel that we are all in this together and believe that every moment is as beautiful as you make it.


Jasmine completed her BLA at The University of Missouri-Kansas City in 2016 while enrolled in a 6 year accelerated medical program.  After being diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos during college, she began her healing journey through art, which included spending time at Artists First Studio, where she now works as arts facilitator. Her paintings have been shown across the St. Louis and Kansas City regions, including several solo shows, a national print feature, and a mural at UMKC. In addition, Jasmine has been featured by Ladue News, Gesso Magazine, KDHX, the St. Louis Post Dispatch and is currently represented by Artisans in the Loop and on display at The Angad Arts Hotel. 

Aside from her own art, she writes, teaches and works in all areas where creativity and wellness overlap. Jasmine is a trained wellness coach from Coach Training EDU and a teaching artist focused on the intersection of art and healing. Most recently she’s established the coaching practice, Chaos2order Coaching. Her one-on-one coaching and group workshops emphasize creativity and wellness, sharing the power of imagination and self-expression as they relate to empowerment, freedom and human potential. Jasmine currently serves as co-program director for the St. Louis chapter of the International Coach Federation and is in the process of developing a new coaching workbook with a focus on tools for aligning passion with purpose. In her free time she enjoys reading, spending time in nature, creating colorful objects, researching strange things, and meeting new people.