Taking home an Original

The meaning of an art sale

The act of creation is often about the “I," but the fruits of my creations are kept, cared for, and packaged solely for purpose of sharing. 

If you’re interested in giving a home to an original, email unusmundusart@gmail.com with a screenshot of the painting you’re connecting with. 

Note:  I’m no longer taking commission requests of any kind. 

What I am seeking are opportunities to share Unus Mundus Art with more purpose, in more places and with more people. I believe that what I make is only relevant in the context of how it speaks to my community, and for all of you I am eternally grateful.

Keep scrolling for your personal guide to super affordable art and be on the lookout for the launch of Unus Mundus Play a new design based line simply for the love of color and the joy of creation. 


Art Guide

Your personal guide to super affordable artwork. 

( secret stashes included ) 

Affordable Art Guide Fall 2019 (pdf)


Paintings For The People: Are you an organization, small business, or public space looking for art?

Paintings For The People is a long term art adoption program. The mission of this program is to share art with my community. Paintings For The People will focus on placing Unus Mundus Art in meaningful locations. The distribution process is intended to create long term homes for art in places that may otherwise not be able to afford to do so.

As much as I appreciate opportunities to show my work, the gallery is not my ultimate goal. I want my paintings to be used, seen and accessible to all. 

I believe that art can deeply transform the vitality and energy of our spaces. Art can awaken our senses and inspire change. Art reminds us of our own power and awakens us to the present state. Art challenges us to see past perceptual limits and to dream of a better tomorrow. Art is a language of unity. Art is the friend who can help heal the human soul.


Paintings For The People PDF

paintings for the people (pdf)

Public Murals


If you're an organization who qualifies for Paintings For The People and are interested in mural work please send a message to unusmundusart@gmail.com