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Unus Mundus


The reality that everything emerges from and returns to one. 

What Is Unus Mundus?


The term Unus Mundus most literally translates to “one world” in Latin. Psychologist Carl Jung expanded upon the original meaning to describe the idea of a collective unconscious and the emergence of a new reality from human cognizance itself, emphasizing the organic interconnectedness of all parts and particles of the universe.  Unus Mundus lays the scaffolding for a reality in which our external and internal realms are one in the same, a dreamscape where matter and soul are one.  Constructing a world where the observer is directly connected to the observed, now a well-known phenomenon in particle physic deemed, the observer effect. Yung’s Unus Mundus goes beyond space and time and includes the idea of transcendent unity. The creator and the creation are linked at the same energy source.  This parallels the same proposals found by physicist David Bohm and neurophysiologist Karl Pribram, who independently proposed holographic models of reality.

The Process


I generally start a piece by attempting to express an idea too complex for words alone. Symbols in my paintings can be seen as more than one form depending on how you view the picture as a whole. The inspiration and thoughts behind my work evolves along the paintings. The process is a cyclical collaboration between thought and action. 

Unus Mundus Art lines


I make a lot of things and although they’re all related to me as the maker, there are distinct lines of art going on around here. My 2020 mission is to clarify what belongs where and to better help all of you understand the pursuits of madness. 

Unus Mundus Art

Expository art focused on visual form, pattern deconstruction, and generative design 

- Attempts to describe where the microcosm and macrocosm overlap 

- The main theme of 2016 to 2019 

- The only work I’ve publicly shown and been featured for ( so far ) 

Unus Mundus Play

Abstractions for the love of color, play, and belief in the light 

-Experiments in paint 

-What I’m now releasing for sale as a separate more affordable body of work 

-Note that this line of work is not varnished 

Unus Mundus Mind

Expository art focused on the evolution of thought, descriptive boundaries, and the properties of communication through time 


- Wiki Loops WIP, explorations of hyperlink trails and the meaning of truth 

- Children’s Stories for The Adult Mind WIP, mini abstract stories 

- Story of Spirit WIP, a 360 degree abstract story intended to be read in all directions at once, narration through all possible time lines 

- Work in progress and paper works is currently shown on a separate website,

Influence & Inspiration


Joseph Campbell, Noam Chomsky, Albert Einstein, Amit Goswami, Aldous Huxley, Michio Kaku, Terrance Mckenna, Clifford A. Pickover, Carl Sagan, Rupert Sheldrake, Alan Watts, H.G. Wells, Carl Jung 


Gino Severini, Vik Muniz, Yves Tanguy, Alex Grey, Frantisek Kupka, Dr. Seuss, Keith Tyson

More on Jasmine

A human passionate about creation, striving to unite the world with peace, presence, and color. 

Expand The Mind. 

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To Be Certain Is Not To Know.

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