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December 2019 print & online


KDHX Arts Interview

Artist Jasmine Leah Raskas stops in to discuss her artwork and how creating art has helped her through challenging circumstances.


Featured Painting

"Raskas’ ultimate painting goal embraces evolution and communication philosophical, inquisitive and sometimes just jocular, using art “to acknowledge our limitations of reason and to rethink our current understanding of reality. " 


Artist & Float Advocate, Interview

"I also felt inspired by the concepts of surfaces and space, and this is the most I have ever explored those concepts. When you float, you lose touch with your body, so you remove yourself from the physical surfaces and spaces that you’re used to in daily life. When I float, I feel like I am touching a metaphysical surface. So, I guess this painting is also a metaphysical surface. It is a visual representation of the surfaces I touch when I float." 

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Featured Artist

"The painter’s thorough scientific background is clearly displayed in her art. Her painting, “A CELL IS NOT A MACHINE,” is inspired by the inter-workings of the human cell. Raskas’ work walks a fine line between science and visual art. “I think everything is one and the same. That is why I do art, because you’re allowed to cross all barriers of fields,” says Raskas." 


Featured Artist

"This fascinating artist combines visual art, science, and philosophy into all of her work. Jasmine has a profound thirst for knowledge, letting me know she hoards flashcards and never leaves the library without a dozen books. "I view art as a tool to understand the world around us," she explains. "The sciences and humanities each look at the world through their own lenses, but don’t offer a way to synthesize a broader view of how they relate to one another. This is why I believe art can be thought of as the master of science... and I use art to explore relationships between multiple fields of study."


Personal Life Featured Story

Artist with rare genetic condition finds healing in her studio and on the climbing wall