Unus Mundus

"one world" 


What Is Unus Mundus?

The term Unus Mundus most literally translates to “one world” in Latin. Psychologist Carl Jung expanded upon the original meaning to describe the idea of a collective unconscious and the emergence of a new reality from human cognizance itself, emphasizing the organic interconnectedness of all parts and particles of the universe.  Unus Mundus lays the scaffolding for a reality in which our external and internal realms are one in the same, a dreamscape where matter and soul are one.  Constructing a world where the observer is directly connected to the observed. Jung’s Unus Mundus goes beyond space and time to  include the group state of transcendent unity. 


Why Art?

Jasmine is teaching artist and certified wellness coach focused on the intersection of art and healing. After being faced with life altering complications of Ehlers - Danlos syndrome, Jasmine left medical school in 2015 and began pursuing her passion for discovery in a new way. Unus Mundus Art is a part of that same search for meaning, pattern, and truth.  Aside from this ongoing quest, Jasmine works as an art facilitator at Artists First STL and a creativity coach with the mission is to share the power of imagination and self-expression as tools for self empowerment, freedom and human potential. 

Influence & Inspiration

Gino Severini, Vik Muniz, Yves Tanguy, Alex Grey, Frantisek Kupka, Dr. Seuss, Keith Tyson

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Mindsets For Imagination Meetup

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Mindsets For Imagination Meetup

Mindsets For Imagination Meetup

Mindsets For Imagination Meetup

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Mindsets For Imagination Meetup

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